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Yılnak is at Elazığ Fırat News!

A bird of fortune landed on Elazig’s head. In the YEKA RES-3 competitions organised by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, Kalyon YEKA 3 Wind Energy Investments Inc. won the right to 40 MWe connection capacity for the ‘Elazığ Region’. The company started to transport the panels with trucks for the WPP to be established in Maden district of Elazığ. The investment will operate at full capacity at the end of this year. Thus, Elazığ will be one of the cities that make a name for itself with its renewable energy diversity.

Thanks to renewable energy, energy can be offered both more environmentally friendly and more favourable conditions. According to the news of Kübra Türkan from Fırat Newspaper, although Elazığ has made a serious progress in Solar Power Plants, Elazığ will now experience the excitement of Wind Power Plant.

The wind power plant created excitement even when it was being built

Before the Wind Power Plant has started to operate in Elazığ, the arrival of the materials that will constitute the power plant to Elazığ aroused both curiosity and excitement among the citizens. As Fırat Newspaper, we received some information on the subject from Kalyon YEKA 3 Wind Energy Investments Inc. which will realise this investment.