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Occupational Health And Safety

With more than half a century of experience, occupational health and safety has become a lifestyle vision in accordance with its purpose and quality management.

As Yılnak, the routine inspection, maintenance and repair services performed on our heavy transportation vehicles that we use during the transportation of loads with the modular axle system or to the assembly site are important in terms of protecting the health and safety of our employees and customers.

Before starting project transportation, our engineer teams conduct road surveys to ensure that route safety is ensured. With the precautions we take to eliminate the risk of accidents during the shipment of loads, we aim to minimize the threats that may occur against the vehicle, the environment and most importantly human health by loading in accordance with the technical capacity, placing the load correctly and sheltered on the vehicle, and the importance we attach to load safety.

Therefore, our company continuously improves our quality standards depending on new technologies in terms of occupational health and safety. Our ever-increasing loading capacity and experienced staff contribute to environmentally friendly transportation and transportation in accordance with world standards.