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Yılnak, while determining its human resources vision, mission, strategies, policies and procedures, with the principle of “Right job, qualified people”; It provides services with accurate business analysis, qualified human management, and produces high-level solutions by giving the job to its competent people.
Our company, which operates in a dynamic sector, in order to be successful in competition; It has determined ways that will last for a long time and cannot be easily imitated by competitors.

The Company carries out strategic studies on planning, remuneration and rewarding, training and development, performance management, workplace safety and risk management, and employee relations functions, taking into account the company structure regarding how employees will be managed.

As Yılnak, our goal in the recruitment process is to recruit the most suitable candidates for our company’s vision, mission, goals, corporate culture and the competencies required by the job. It carries out effective studies by giving importance to tasks that they can use their capacities, taking on challenging and self-developing responsibilities, opportunities to develop their careers, and providing flexible and creative working environments.

In our company; Ensuring and increasing employee-job harmony, attracting qualified and talented candidates, increasing the loyalty of the staff and retaining qualified employees, recognizing the value of individual differences that participate in the work and the company, making the most effective use of existing human resources and work-life balance.

By analyzing the training needs of all employees to improve their technical and fine skills and professional competencies necessary for them to fulfill their duties with superior performance, it is ensured that the training activities required to be received from internal and external sources are organized, and the results are measured and evaluated.

To this end, our company creates strategies that enable the development of knowledge, skills and competencies that will enable the improvement of organizational performance and significant changes in strategic direction; encourage employees to learn and develop themselves; and create an environment that will enable the creation, sharing and use of knowledge to improve learning and performance.

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